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  • Amazon: Cast Acrylic Sheet, Translucent Black, 12" x .

    The cast acrylic sheet is translucent black. Comparable to plexiglass, cast acrylic is a lightweight, rigid plastic that resists breakage better than glass and offers excellent weather resistance.

  • 48 in. x 96 in. x 1/4 in. Clear Acrylic Sheet - The Home Depot

    Replace glass with the OPTIX 48 in. x 96 in. Acrylic Sheet when you need a highly durable, transparent surface. This lightweight acrylic sheet is ideal for applications such as window replacement, shelf lining, desk top protection and cabinet fronts.

  • Cheap Plexiglass Sheets, Clear Acrylic Sheets, Plexi Glass .

    Plexiglass And Acrylic Glass. Invented in the 20th century, plexiglass is a clear plastic sheet which is flexible, splinterless, and sturdy. It is an alternative for glass that is …

  • Acrylic Prints » Quality Photo Prints For Your Wall .

    Create photo prints on an acrylic sheet. It's easy to order prints on an acrylic sheet with bonusprint. To create acrylic prints, all you have to do is upload one or more photos, then make use of our clear, intuitive design tools.

  • Glass vs. Acrylic for Photography Framing - Frame .

    Jan 17, 2009· Making a decision about what type of glazing to use in a framed item causes a surprising amount of consternation. The most common question is whether to use glass or acrylic …

  • Acrylic & Plastic - Boss Laser

    If you're looking to laser engrave or cut acrylic or plastics then click here to see images of what our clients have sent in. Whether cast or extruded acrylic a co2 laser can process either but be prepared to exhaust the fumes and smell.